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Brief introduction and application of LED power supply
- Feb 05, 2018 -

LED power is one of the power supply, is to provide power to electronic equipment, but also the power supply. is through the transformer and the rectifier, the alternating current becomes the DC electricity The installment, this installment is called the Rectifier power supply, also is called the drive power supply. The electronic device that provides the signal is called the signal source. Lithium batteries, dry batteries, rectifier power, and signal sources are sometimes called power supplies. The battery is divided into the ± level.

LED power supply is widely used in street lamps, tunnel lights, led floor tiles, LED light source, LED grille lights, LED indoor lights, led ceiling lanterns, buildings, road and bridge, Plaza building facilities, lawn lights, curtain wall lights, led wash wall lights, table lamp Hotel Stadium, etc.

The information plane displays the LED display, the display board, the dynamic Billboard, the simulation animation, the sports venues, the lights inside the compartment and the internal reading lights, the brake lights outside the car, the taillights, the turn lights, the side lights, the explosion-proof lamps, the miner's lamp in the mining industry, etc.