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Constant voltage and constant current
- Jun 15, 2018 -

1. Constant voltage circuit; an automatically adjustable resistor is connected in series in the power supply. When the negative value increases, the adjustable resistance becomes smaller and smaller, the voltage of the load does not change, but the opposite occurs when the load becomes smaller.


2. constant current circuit; power is also in series with an automatic adjustable resistance, when the load resistance becomes smaller, this adjustable resistance change, the current in the large hold circuit does not change, and the opposite occurs when the load increases.


Constant voltage means that the voltage at the output does not change. Constant current means that the load current does not change.

The dynamic adjustable resistor is a device designed for easy explanation and is an electronic circuit in an actual circuit.


P=IU (power = current X voltage)

1. Constant voltage power supply: The output voltage is constant and the output current is rated. (for example output DC24V, 5A)

2. Constant current power supply: The output current is constant and the output voltage has a range of values. (for example output 24-34V, 1.250A).