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Flexible LED strip series
- Apr 25, 2018 -

Non-waterproof series: Non-waterproof series As the name suggests, it can not be waterproof, protection class IP20, for indoor lighting.


Epoxy series: A layer of glue is dropped on the surface of the light bar, the main purpose is to improve the optical effect, and the entire light bar appears crystal clear. At the same time, the lamp surface can play a protective role. The front can be waterproof and the back is not waterproof, so the marking waterproof rating is IP62. There are two kinds of glues in the Epoxy series. Nowadays, the light bars of 3528/120 or more lamps (including 120 lamps) and 5050/60 lamps or more (including 60 lamps) are made of silica gel. Others are epoxy adhesives. The thermal performance and high and low temperature performance of silicone are better, but the adhesiveness of silicone is not as good as that of epoxy. Epoxy is just the opposite and the heat dissipation effect is poor. High temperature (over 120°) will turn yellow and black, at low temperatures. The glue becomes brittle and breaks easily.


Silicone tube series: silicone tube outside, sealed at both ends of the plug seal, the internal is empty, no plastic, waterproof grade, mostly used in indoor applications, more than one waterproof tube protection, anti-water Dust, prevent scratches. Silicone tube has the advantages of good heat dissipation, good resistance to high and low temperatures. If you must use it outdoors, you can fill in the glue on both ends of the plug. The waterproof rating can reach IP66.


Diamond Series: After filling the U-shaped silicone tube, the front face is filled with silicone, and the waterproof rating is IP67. The advantages are mainly 1, the optical effect is good, the front of the silicone will form a curved surface, play a role in the proliferation of LED light; 2, good heat dissipation, silicone can help LED good heat dissipation. The disadvantages are mainly waterproof, the combination of silicone and circuit board is not tight, moisture infiltrate from the joint.


White Jade Series: White Jade Series: Wear silicone sleeve, infused silicone, the highest level of waterproof, to IP68. Because of the good combination of silica gel and silica gel, the circuit board and LED are all wrapped in the middle of the glue to achieve a good waterproof effect. At the same time, the heat dissipation performance of silicone is good, so it is more widely used. Matters needing attention are: 1, white jade series silicone and casing transparency is not high, a little foggy feeling; 2, for waterproofing, leaving a 3cm sleeve at both ends of the light bar, used to wrap the wire, which Points differ from other series.