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Installation Environment of neon lighting
- Aug 22, 2018 -

1.Do not install the LED strip in an environment that is overheated (for example, near

a heat-generating device) or in a poorly-cooled area (for example, in a confined

space), Pls check the Ambient Temperature Considerations!


2.Do not use this product in environments with high volatile organic compounds such

as sulfur, chlorine, bromine and VOC to avoid reduce the service life.


3.Volatile substances enter the interior of the LED in the form of gas and react with

the silvered layer of the silica gel and the support to cause the interior of the LED to

become black, decrease in brightness, increase in color temperature. Therefore,

special attention should be paid on the construction site: first doing the construction

of painting, glue, welding , and installation the led products until the paint and glue

curing and gas evaporation ,which can avoid the bad situation of vulcanization.