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Introduction of LED Lamp belt
- Feb 02, 2018 -

The lamp belt, is the LED light belt abbreviation, most people say when is not accustomed to the noun is too long, then the front led to omit, is called the Light belt directly. The name of the lamp belt also contains a lot of the previous two-line, Big three-line, round line and so on directly with the wire connection led without FPC or PCB of the old-fashioned light belt, of course, also contains a flexible light belt and hard light belt.

LED light band refers to the LED assembly in the banded FPC (Flexible circuit board) or PCB hard, because its product shape like a belt and named. Because of long service life (general normal life in 8~10 million hours), but also very energy-saving and green environmental protection and gradually in a variety of decoration industry to emerge.

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