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LED lamp bead performance
- Jul 16, 2018 -

Light effect: LED lamp bead theoretical light effect is 135m / w, due to driving loss of 10%, thermal attenuation of 10%, PC cover loss of 5%, so the theoretical light effect of LED lamp is about 100lm / w, actually subject to temperature and chip size The impact can reach 90-100lm/w, which is much larger than energy-saving lamps. At the same time, yellow LEDs are generally 10 lm/w lower than white LEDs.


Lifespan: The energy-saving lamp is subject to the lamp tube, and the service life will not exceed 8000H hours; the theoretical use time of LED electrolysis is not less than 8000H hours at 105°C, but the real working environment rarely exceeds this temperature, so the theoretical use time of LED is far more than 8000H hours, up to 40,000 hours in extreme cases.


Light fade: Through the LM-80 test, the LED lamp bead does not exceed 5% in 6000H hours, and the energy-saving lamp of the same time can be attenuated by 20%.