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LED lamp beads characteristics
- Jun 13, 2018 -

The Chinese name of the LED is a light emitting diode, so it is a diode in itself. Its volt-ampere characteristics and general.


The diode voltage characteristics are very similar. It's just that the curve is usually steep.


1. Unidirectional conductivity.

2. The voltage is proportional to the current.

3. Constant current after constant voltage.

4. Constant voltage after constant current.


White light-emitting diodes, reverse breakdown voltage is generally 10-20V. Because it is a nonlinear element, A positive voltage of 1.1 times the operating voltage may burn out. Therefore, LEDs are generally not directly accessible, the voltage source needs a series current limiting resistor to access the circuit to ensure that the voltage changes when it is working the change in current is small.


Lamp Bead VF (Forward Junction Voltage) Value.

1.Red/Orange/Yellow/Green (WL:565nm-575nm) VF values are all 1.8V~2.4V.

2.The blue/green (WL:500nm-535nm)/violet/white VF values are all within 2.9V~3.4V.