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Light color application
- Apr 19, 2018 -

Warm White: The color temperature of the warm light is below 3300K. The warm color light is similar to the incandescent lamp, and the red light component is more, giving people a warm, healthy and comfortable feeling. Applicable to homes, houses, dormitories, hotels and other places or places with lower temperatures.

Cold White: Also called the neutral color, its color temperature is between 3300K~5300K, and the neutral color is soft and soft, which makes people feel happy, comfortable and serene.

Applicable to shops, hospitals, offices, restaurants, restaurants, waiting rooms and other places.

White: Also called daylight color, its color temperature is above 5300K, the light source is close to natural light, there is a bright feeling, people focus. Applicable to offices, conference rooms, classrooms, drawing rooms, design studios, library reading rooms, exhibition windows and other places.