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Light strip troubleshooting and precautions
- Mar 19, 2018 -



Unlit reason


1. The packaging protection of LED flexible light strips is not perfect, causing the lamp beads to be damaged by impact during transportation.

2. The welding spot of the LED flexible lamp has the phenomenon of false welding. The vibration in the transportation process causes the solder joint to fall off and cause the lamp strip to fail to shine.

3, LED flexible lamp with less solder, solder joints easily fall off

4, LED flexible lamp with solder quality is not good, LED flexible lamp with solder joints in the bending process is easy to produce embrittlement, shedding phenomenon

5, LED flexible lamp with a large bending angle when installed, resulting in LED flexible lamp with welding and separation of copper foil resulting in not bright

6, LED flexible lamp with over-squeezed products installed, resulting in LED flexible lamp with chip damage or solder joint deformation off and not bright

7, LED flexible lamp with circuit board solder mask is too thick, soldering and circuit board can not be completely fused together, is also a kind of Weld phenomenon.

8, LED flexible light belt can not be distorted during installation, if it is twisted, it will cause the LED flexible light belt solder joint to fall off and cause no light.

9. The static electricity is burned out, because the LED is an electrostatic sensitive component. Without the static protection measures, the chip will burn out.


Light with lighting note


1, the brightness requirements for different occasions and different products on the LED brightness requirements are also different. For example, if the LED jewellery counter lamps are placed in some large shopping malls, we have to have higher brightness and attractiveness, and also different decorative products such as LED spotlights and LED colorful light strips.

2, anti-static ability: anti-static ability Anti-static ability of the LED, long life, but the price will be higher. Antistatic is usually better than 700V.

3, the LED with the same wavelength and color temperature, the color will be the same, this large batch of lamps together is particularly important. Do not produce too much color difference in the same fixture.

4, waterproof capacity, outdoor and indoor LED light requirements are not the same.

5. Correctly install LED driver and LED light bar.

6. Must cut off the power supply before installation.

7. The most suitable length of the LED light bar is 5 meters. It cannot be connected too long.

8. Product installation must be installed by professionals.