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Suspended LED Linear Fitting

Suspended LED Linear Fitting

We provide LED aluminum channels for LED strips, using stylish, light-weighted aluminum materials that allow light designers, builders and manufacturers to create compact, customized and practical lighting fixtures. This aluminum channel is made of 6063 aircraft aluminum and high quality PC...

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Product Details

We provide LED aluminum channels for LED strips, using stylish, light-weighted aluminum materials that allow light designers, builders and manufacturers to create compact, customized and practical lighting fixtures.


This aluminum channel is made of 6063 aircraft aluminum and high quality PC cover, with various accessories such as end caps, mounting clips or pendant hardware. Most aluminum channel comes with transparent cover, diffuse cover, and opal lens. High quality polycarbonate cover or lens is flame retardant and has high thermal conductivity.


With the suspended aluminum channels, you can design your own LED linear fitting. It is great for commercial and office lighting.


Variety of aluminum channels

Aluminum channels are available in a variety of styles like square, rectangular, round, and V shape. They can be installed on a surface or embedded in. With neat end caps and cover, the aluminum channel delivers a high-en finish for the strip light.


The square channel has attractive exterior and is surface mounted.

The rectangular channel is elegant and can be suspended with pendant accessories.

The round channel has a circular frame and with the strip light inside, it can replace the fluorescent lamp.

The V shape channel has a choice of cover shapes such as flat, V shape, and semi-circular, and it is installed on corners.

The Recessed channel is designed to be embedded into a surface, and the edges allow it to be embedded firmly.



●Cut the led strip light according to the length required and keep in mind of cutting only at each segment where the mark of soldering pads has.

●The strip is wired-feed by soldering new wires, or simply using strip wire connector.

●Place the strip light into the main body of the channel, peeling off the 3M adhesive tape and stick the strip in the right place.

●The cover slides along the inner track. The strip wires go through the hold of end cap of the channel, and clip on both end caps.

●The channel then is installed with wall brackets, suspended accessories, embedded into the surface, mounted on the surface and then secured in place.


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