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Digital IC RGB Color Changing LED Strip
- Nov 20, 2018 -

What is Intelligent RGB LED strip?

Intelligent RGB strip is also called the smart RGB strip and digital RGB strip. It is addressable which means that each module has the individual code meaning and its own intelligent control electronics. They provide data input and data output connections, as well as clock or strobe signals.The first LED data is provided by the microprocessor that can independently control the brightness and color of each LED.


It is offered in IP20 non-waterproof version, and IP66 waterproof version which has a silicone tube surrounding the strip.


We offer both RGB and RGBW. If you don’t have any requirements for the color temperature of white color, just order the digital RGB. But if you need a perfect white or warm white color, this smart RGBW strip is a perfect choice.


What is the differencebetween single color and RGB color?

Single color, every LED on the pcb is a single monochrome color covering the range of visible spectrum from 400-700nm, white color, and ultraviolet and infrared too.


Multicolor, every LED is capable of generating red, green, blue, white, yellow, cyan, and magenta.


Addressable RGB strips use multiple colors and addresses. Each LED can display the effects of chasing, color changing, flashing, etc.