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LED Lamp Belt Maintenance Notice
- Feb 02, 2018 -

1, Anti-Static: Because the LED is static and slow parts, if you are collision LED lights do not have a good anti-static measures, will burn out the LED, the formation of waste. There is the need to pay attention to soldering iron must be used to prevent static soldering irons, simultaneous collision personnel must also run anti-static measures (such as wearing electrostatic rings and anti-static gloves, etc.).

2, the continuation of low temperature: LED light belt of the two major groups for adult led and FPC, are not able to continue the low-temperature-resistant goods. If the FPC is a continuation of low temperature or is likely to exceed its acceptance of the measurement, it will make FPC covered film cracking, indirect formation LED lamp with scrap. Simultaneous, LED has not been able to continue to withstand low temperatures, is under low temperature for a long time, the chip will be burned at low temperatures. As a result, collision LED light with the adoption of soldering iron must adopt temperature control soldering iron, the measurement is limited to a one-time category, to prevent arbitrary changes and settings. In addition, even so, also need to pay attention is collision when the electric iron is not to be led foot stop time beyond 10 seconds, if beyond a certain time, will be able to burn led chips.

3, Short circuit: Many LED lights are not bright because of the foot position has a short circuit, is collision before it is necessary to investigate the real reason for no light. Otherwise, rashly change without bright LED, again call back will continue to form the chip led by short-circuit DC electric breakdown. Because, is changing the new LED beforehand, must first find no light real reason, targeted ability.