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The Application Of Neon Lights
- Feb 05, 2018 -

In modern urban people's fashion concept, the combination of scene and light rhythm. Light layout and natural environment space structure, hidden-dew, suppression-Yang's use, fully embodies the traditional culture of the Oriental civilization, the reappearance of the cultural flavor of the dialectical relationship, increased space changes, forming the night scene change scene effect. The science scene and the light need to analyze and understand, the landscape illumination needs to appreciate and the taste, the art needs to ponder and the sentiment. The art of landscape lighting must be through light and illumination in order to produce vitality of life. Lighting can change the appearance of the environment, artistic lighting and color, the composition of dynamic and static light, sound, color landscape, but also show the landscape garden lighting sketch, sculpture, fashion, to the natural environment embellishment.

The breakdown and operating voltage of neon lighting circuit components are high, neon technician because of experience, know how to safely install the use of it, select lower open circuit voltage grade transformers, as far as possible to shorten the length of wire, the use of high-quality insulating materials, to take protective devices with the progress of neon technology, the use of microelectronics technology design to achieve, The brightness of the three-color lamp is controlled by microprocessor, which can control the neon light, and make the digital dimming mix color, produce the changeable and colorful color, greatly enhance the rendering effect of the neon lights, improve the flexibility and high reliability of the neon lights. Neon lights are now standard design, manufacture, installation, the same as LED to achieve the same attractive landscape effect.