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The History Of Neon Lights
- Feb 05, 2018 -

It was a June 1898 night, and Ram and his assistants were experimenting in the lab to check whether a rare gas was conductive.

Ram injected a rare gas into a vacuum glass tube and then connected the two metal electrodes in a vacuum glass tube to a high-voltage power source, concentrating on whether the gas could conduct electricity.

Suddenly, an unexpected phenomenon occurs: the rare gas injected into the vacuum tube not only begins to conduct electricity, but also emits extremely beautiful red light. The magic Glow surprised ram and his assistants. Ram named the rare gas that can conduct electricity and emit red light as neon gas. Later, this kind of light to the gas-powered light is called neon, transliteration is neon.

The way to make neon lights is to use the low melting point of sodium-calcium silicate glass to do the lamp, according to the need to design different patterns and characters, with a blowtorch for processing, and then sintering electrodes, and then vacuum pump time, and according to the requirements of the color filled with different rare gases made. Modern neon lights are more exquisite, some will bend the glass tube into a variety of folding shapes, made more moving graphics, and some fluorescent powder on the inner wall of the lamp, make the color more bright and colorful, and some neon lights on the automatic ignition, so that a variety of colors of light sequential flash, each other, make the city night become colorful.

Neon lights Since the advent of 1910, after a century. It is a special low-pressure cold cathode glow discharge light source, unlike other such as fluorescent lamps, high-pressure sodium lamp, metal halide lamps, mercury lamps, incandescent lamps and other arc lamps. The neon lamp is the low-pressure inert gas which is filled into the glass tube, glows in the high voltage electric field cold cathode glow discharge. The color of the neon light is determined by the spectral characteristics of the inert gas: Light tube type neon lamp filled with neon, red neon light, fluorescent neon filled with argon and mercury, neon blue, yellow and other light, the two types of neon lights are the work of the gas atoms under the excitation of radiation.