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The Structure Of Neon Lights
- Feb 05, 2018 -

Neon lamps are made up of tubes and high-voltage transformers. The tube is composed of glass tube and electrode chamber. The electrode chamber is composed of electrodes, mica sheets (or porcelain rings) and electrode leads. The glass tube is filled with working gas, and the wall of the glass tube is coated with phosphor. High-voltage transformers have leakage magnetic transformer and electronic transformer two, it is to ignite the essential components of neon tubes.

1. Glass Tube

The main function of the glass tube is filling working gas, connecting two electrodes and transmitting visible light line three functions. The common neon glass tube has the Ming tube, the powder tube and the kinescope three kinds [1].

2. Electrode

Electrodes are used to emit electrons and to collect electrons and cations, using positive ion bombardment, high melting point, and easy to launch electronic metal fabrication.

3. Mica piece (or sleeve ring)

The main role is to support the electrodes, heat insulation and reduce the glass tube wall cathode sputtering. The supporting electrode can not be shifted, not loosened and not contact with the glass tube, the insulation can prevent the glass tube from exploding, and reduce the cathode sputtering material of the glass tube wall to prolong the lamp life.

4. Electrode lead

Through it can make the electrode and the outside circuit connection, needs to choose the conductive good and the thermal expansion coefficient and the glass similar material, the electrode leads many uses the Du Mei silk production.

5. Working gas

Working gas mostly inert, neon, argon is the most commonly used working gas, neon gas into the tube to make red neon lights, more argon and mercury composition of the argon-mercury mixture into powder control for other colors of neon.

6. Phosphor

The glass tube wall coated with different kinds of phosphor can be conveniently made with argon, mercury mixture of various colors of neon.

7. High Voltage Transformer

It is a steady flow device connected to a neon tube circuit, which is composed of a complete set of neon lights. Glow discharge in the electrical properties of the following characteristics: First, the need for a higher ignition voltage and lower operating voltage, the second is a negative volt-ampere characteristics so that the discharge can not be stable. The use of magnetic leakage-type High-voltage transformers or electronic booster Transformers can provide up to 15}v voltage lamp lighting ignition, gas at the beginning of the discharge, the voltage will immediately fall to a constant value, maintain a normal glow discharge lamp in a stable state.