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The Working Principle Of Full Color LED Lamp
- Feb 05, 2018 -

Full color LED light white (including cold white warm white and so on all kinds of light), red, green, blue (R, G, B) four basic colors of the LED light bead chip, the lamp bead chip in various forms of encapsulation, each group of colors can be used separately, and the drive circuit and the single-chip computer connected.

Users can through the remote control or lamp on the cable-connected button, dialogue, red, green, blue (R, G, B) four-color lamp beads into the brightness adjustment;

You can also control red, green, blue (R, G, B) Three kinds of LED light bead chip according to the principle of optical three primary colors (all colors can be mixed with three primary colors red, green, blue, according to a certain proportion) approximate the light color visible in almost all human eyes.